JIMS Activities

Guest Lecture on Person to Personality

Department of Management Studies organized a Guest Lecture on 22th April, 2020 for second year (Morning shift) students of BBA. Guest lecture was on "Person to Personality" conducted by : Dr. Munish Jindlal (CEO, Hoverrobotix and Founding President - MentorX). The guest lecture was a great success with Dr. Munish Jindial starting off with a small question “what do you understand by the term personality?” and then giving students few tips on how to properly introduce themselves to others. He further went on and defined some terms to which were related to personality like “discipline , hard work , diligence , perseverance , knowledge and many other ” and elaborated that before managing others we have to manage ourselves, have the courage to change and should never criticize. He shared with the students his own life story and focused on how important it is to develop a unique personality that is different from the rest and to never give up on your dreams. In one’s life learning never ends, every day we have to develop and learn something. The session ended with a beautiful quote “it is not what you do when everyone is watching; it is what you do when nobody is!”