JIMS Activities

Earth Day

The guest speaker, Mr. Divyanshu Bhola, Founder, Ecoistic Pathshala and an environmental activist, began his talk by highlighting the need to protect our planet and the consequences of failing to do so. He emphasized that the rapid depletion of our environment is a result of human activities and it is our responsibility to take action to mitigate its impacts. Mr. Bhola also highlighted the importance of individual action in protecting the environment. He encouraged the audience to adopt eco-friendly practices such as reducing plastic usage, conserving water, and electricity, and promoting sustainable living. He also shared some success stories of environmental initiatives taken by individuals and communities and how they had a positive impact on the environment. Furthermore, Mr. Bhola talked about the role of technology in the protection of the environment. He highlighted how technology has helped in promoting renewable energy, reducing waste, and improving environmental monitoring. He also discussed the need to invest in research and development of sustainable technologies.The lecture was followed by a Q&A session, where the audience actively participated and asked questions related to environmental protection. The event was a great success, and it helped to raise awareness among the students about the importance of protecting the environment