JIMS Activities

14th National Conference on "Sustainable development- People, Planet and Partnership"

The session started by inviting all the panelist on the stage and thanking of the partners of the event followed by a short introduction of the conference topic. Thereafter all the guests were welcomed with planters. Ceremony was inaugurated through the lighting the ceremonial lamp of inauguration followed by a peace prayer. Dr Ravi K Dhar extended a warm welcome to the Chief Guest, and other guests through his welcome address. He welcomed the speaker and the audience along with the faculty of JIMS VK. He gave a short introduction on the topic, sustainable development, and described it as the balance between development goals and use of natural resources in the ecosystem. Speakers:- Professor S. C. Sharma, Director IBS Gurgaon (Keynote Speaker), Dr. M. K. Bhatt, Director MAIMS (Guest of Honor), Dr Jai Prakash Sharma, Professor of Corporate Governance and Law, GRFCG (Chief Guest),