JIMS Activities

12th National Seminar on “Demonetization & Indian Economy”

The 12th National Seminar on "Demonetization & Indian Economy" was held on 9th March, 2017 at Deshmukh Auditorium, India International Center (IIC), New Delhi. This session started with felicitation of all the dignitaries with a bouquet of flowers and was followed by Saraswati Vandana and Lightning of lamp. Dr Ravi K Dhar, Director, JIMS, Vasant Kunj extended a warm welcome to the Chief Guest. Dr. Dhar began his address by highlighting the various accreditations and top ranking awarded to JIMS Vasant Kunj along with the latest achievement i.e. NAAC “A Grade” accreditation. He also mentioned that JIMS, Vasant Kunj has been approved under 2(f) UGC Act and will be applying for 12(B) UGC Act which will help JIMS Vasant Kunj to come at par with best undergraduate college in India. The session was chaired by Shri Harsh Vardhan, Senior Editor. He shared his views on government perspective towards demonetization. Dr. Barah initiated the discussion after the Keynote speaker. His topic was Impacts of Demonetisation on agriculture. He started his talk with the details of agriculture sector as agriculture sector is quite big in our country but it has not been given much importance. Policy makers in our country do not consider their contribution while making the policies. The number of masses decide whether a decision is good or bad. If large number of people is going to be affected by a certain decision that number must be considered while taking that decision. Dr. S.C Sharma, in his discussion stated the bad impacts of Demonetisation on the business sector. He started his discussion with real estate sector. According to Dr. Sharma money to economy is like blood to body and demonetisation has affected the flow of money. He strengthened his view by quoting the various examples of daily life which got affected due to demonetization.