JIMS Activities

Session on “Defining Fine Balance between Teachings – Learning Process”

The BBA department of JIMS Vasant Kunj organized a webinar on the topic “Defining fine balance between teaching-learning processes” on June 4th, 2020. The speaker for the session was Mr. Nitin Akhade. The session started with the welcome address by Esteemed Director, Dr. Ravi K Dhar. He addressed the audience with the important message that teachers and students were following conventional teaching and learning process in the comfort zone. However, with the emergence of coronavirus or COVID-19, the teaching and learning process is restructured. He added that change is very important & quoted the example of the success of the US economy. Mr. Nitin Akhade started his session with positivity and enthusiasm. His session focused on balancing the teaching and learning process. He elaborated on the key points through which a teacher can improve the teaching learning process that is grip on theory, experimental learning, consulting assignment, and providing the industrial interface to the student. He emphasized on the importance of critical thinking & flipped classroom. He even emphasized on incorporating critical thinking in curriculum of graduation students. At the end, Mr. Akhade addressed all the queries of the attendees.