JIMS Activities

How To Become World Class In Our Industry

Department of IT organized a guest lecture on "How To Become World Class In Our Industry" on 24th June, 2021. The lecture started with a warm welcome of our guest Mr. Vikas Jain done by the students of Jagannath International Management School, hosted by Kalindi Thakur and Sarang Pushkarna (Morning shift) and followed by knowledge of our guests about becoming world class in our industry. He told students about a world class quadrant consisting of 4 quadrants like 1st Quadrant (High Expertise, High Popularity), 2nd Quadrant (Average Expertise, High Popularity), etc. He gave many examples of students not being a really good scorer but got selected in one of the best companies. Students showed their enthusiasm and gathered a lot of knowledge and information. In the end Mr. Vikas Jain summed up the lecture and answered the questions from the students to make it easier for students to understand.