JIMS Activities

Guest Lecture "Looking forward with positive mindset "

Department of Management Studies organized a Guest Lecture on 18th November, 2019 for first year (Evening shift) students of BBA. Guest lecture was on "Looking forward with positive mindset" conducted by Mr Jaidev Sharma , Corporate trainer . . Mr Jaidev Sharma instructs us about learning of Corporate Training . He told us how to see everything with a positive mindset and never giving upon our career . Leadership training , motivational training are various training for a corporate trainer. A positive mind-set is an optimistic mind-set that focuses on the good, when a negative attitude promotes fear and a narrow focus on the bad. He made us understood the importance of surrounding ourselves with positive people . He told us that how this positivity and leadership qualities build us as future leaders. In all he had amazing lessons to teach. Students had an amazing,interactive and enlightening session with Mr Jaidev Sharma lot many students were inspired by him as a person.