JIMS Activities

Guest Lecture on "Journey from JIMS to become a Photographer and Travel Blogger"

Department of Management Studies organized a Guest Lecture on 5th May, 2020 for second year (Morning shift) students of BBA. Guest lecture was on "Journey from JIMS to become a Photographer and Travel Blogger" conducted by Mr. Isa Khan, JIMS Alumni, Photographer, Travel blogger, Youtuber and Economics teacher. Mr. Isa Khan began the lecture by sharing his journey right from his childhood till now. He talked about his college days, how he came out of the stage fear after doing theatre for years, and always participating in extra-curricular and pursuing your passion and always doing what you love and not what others are doing. He shared how he started photography, blogging and his YouTube channel. He shared some photography skills with the students and about lenses and cameras. He told us that patience is everything and to know what you love you need to explore different things, you need to try everything, explore as much as you can and do what you love.Students had an amazing, interactive and enlightening session with Mr. Isa Khan a lot many students were inspired by him as a person.