JIMS Activities

Virtual Industrial Visit to Yakult

The Department of Management Studies, organized an Virtual Industry Visit on 17th March, 2021 for First semester, morning & Evening shift students of BBA. The students were welcomed by Mr. Aadish PR Manager. Mr. Aadish gave a presentation on the Yakult product and its nutrients. Yakult Danone India is a joint venture between Japanese & French industry. The capacity of the plant is 10 lakhs bottles (units) per day and the milk produced is of excellent quality containing billions of useful bacteria which are essential for proper functioning of digestive system. During the virtual tour students were taken for the visit inside the Processing Unit where different stages of processing namely mixing of raw ingredients, sterilization, fermentation, blending, injection moulding, scrambling, filling/sealing, shrinking and packaging, storage and their automatic control process were demonstrated. The virtual visit was a fruitful experience for the students as they learned the processing stages and the latest technology in producing processed products. It also provided them an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the industry environment.