JIMS Activities

Language & Communication Skills

Department of Information Technology, JIMS, Vasant Kunj organized a guest lecture on the topic "Effective Communication Skill" for the students of BCA-I, where Ms. Kavita Rajput Chaturvedi an Ex-flight manager was invited as the head lecturer for event. She started her lecture with full of enthusiasm and involved everyone into active participation and claiming that the lecture would be done 80% by students and 20% herself, for that she used play ful tactics to lighten the mood among the students and faculty turning it into a much more enjoyable chvironment which consequently let to a better engagement with a crowd. Moving on, she called some students upfront to use as live examples of public speaking and communication by asking them to introduce them sclves in front of a large group of people. To summarize these exereises, she expanded on the basic principle of Effective Communication Skills via the impromptu introductions by students and finding the arcas of improvements in those interactions. These included lack of confidence, unattractive body language, improper eye-contact, non-commanding vocalization and passive listening. Countering these issues she ended her lecture.