JIMS Activities

Psychological Development

Department of Information Technology, JIMS, Vasant Kunj organised a guest lecture on the topic “Fixed Mindset to Growth Mindset” for the student of BCA-II-M and BCA II E, where Ms. Bhumika Chawla, a Student Counsellor was invited as the head lecturer for the event. She started lecture with her introduction to the audience and made the student familiar with the term Psychology. For active participation of the students, she involved everyone by listening their point of view on Psychology and all aspects related to it which led the audience continuous engagement in the session. She emphasised that how it is easy for the human being to think more about negative perspective but difficult to think positive perspective of a particular event, also, it is easy to criticise the one’s negativities and difficult to appreciate his/her positivity. Moving on, she explained what the mindset is exactly about i.e., what we believe, think and feel. “It is not always possible for a person to think positive but we can approach towards growth mindset. It is difficult to change fixed mindset and for this we will have to push ourselves towards growth mindset”.