JIMS Activities

Voter Awareness & Registration Process

Followed by the Voter awareness & Registration process webinar held via Zoom platform for the students of Jagannath International Management School, Vasant Kunj, by the SVEEP Campus Ambassadors, the campus started an online and offline registration drive accommodating students from all three departments—BBA, BCA and BJMC along with the faculty members. In BCA the drive was held on 9 and 10 November for all students of BCA –III (Shift-I&II) in two sessions. The students from BCA-V those not having the Voter-Id also attended the session. The drive was conducted for students both offline with Covid-19 protocols, and online. It continued to remain in effect till December 2021 and accommodated 120 students from the Department of BCA, on November 9, 2021- November 10, 2021(shifts: M & E) With the help of PowerPoint presentation on ZOOM, the SVEEP campus ambassadors visited every class and demonstrated the process of enrolling as a voter.