JIMS Activities

Session on Problem solving and ideation

The Institutions Innovations Council of JIMS Vasant Kunj organized a session Problem solving and ideation on November 25 , 2021 and the speaker for the event was Mr. Pranjal Kumar Phukan and the faculty members Mr. Vipul Singh , Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Seema Wadhawan were also present. The host started the session by welcoming sir and by telling the audience about his educational qualifications and achievements. Mr. Pranjal Kumar then thanked the host for his brief introduction and without any delay he started to share his screen with his well prepared presentation for the students. The main theme of the presentation was around problem solving; its process , techniques , steps and the main concept of ideation and its importance in an entrepreneur’s life. The presentation was very informative with all kinds of graphs and diagrams which made it even more captivating. Sir even gave real life examples to make students understand the session in a better way. Sir winded up the session with a very useful quote and asked the host to carry forward. Then students were asked to put forward their doubts and fill the feedback form.