JIMS Activities

Effective Communication Skills

The Department of Media and Communication Studies organized a guest lecture on Effective Communication Skills. The resource person was Mr. Surjeet K Thotha, Air Hostess Academy, lecture was held on 07 November, 2022. . Mr. Surjeet K Thotha said being able to communicate effectively is one of the most important life skills to learn. He said communication helps in increase self-awareness, ability to deal with difficult behavior, improve relationship behavior, improved professional skills, ideal for team building, enhance staff morale and satisfaction, build trust, offers a clear direction. He further explains the importance of communication in a work life. He said to improve communication can help in maintaining and grooming self-confidence which is important for self-growth and ultimately helps in institutional growth. He further explained the steps which is important for improving communication skills. He said take the time to listen, be considerate, your body language matters, don’t overcomplicate things, be vocal, maintain an outward, positive attitude. He said there are several types of communication that go on in the workplace. Most of the time, communication is either written or verbal. However, non-verbal cues such as vocal tones, facial gestures, and body language have been proven to be far more important in communication than the content of the message. That’s why communication skills training is so incredibly important: say the right thing in the wrong way, and it may turn disastrous. Then there was open for question where Mr. Surjeet K Thotha has solved the queries of the students. The session was full of information where everything was explained properly.