JIMS Activities

Career in Journalism and Media Communication

The Department of Media and Communication Studies organized a guest lecture on Career in Journalism and Media Communication. The resource person was Ms. Anchal Nigam, Digital content producer, Economic Times, lecture was held on 03 November, 2022. Ms. Anchal Nigam started her lecture with a quote by Karl Kraus An Austrian writer and journalist, Karl Kraus was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 3 separate times. “No ideas and ability to express them-that’s a journalist.” She stressed on the worthiness of a journalist. She said a journalist is like torchlight to the masses. So to became a journalist it very much important to aspire self to become one. She further explains that how media is evolving and how the structure of news presentation is changing. She said the person who wants to join media and practice journalism that person should have nose for news and have knowledge of philosophy behind news generation. She explained the ethics of journalism and qualities of a journalist. Additionally she further explained the all types of media and the career option as journalist in them. It was insight sessions where she has covered all the aspect of journalism and most important that how can a person starts career in the field of journalism and Media Communication.