JIMS Activities

CV making and Interview skills

The Department of Media and Communication Studies organized a guest lecture on CV making and Interview skills. The resource person was Ms. Surbhi Munshi, Associate Consultant, Think through Consulting, lecture was held on 31th October, 2022. Ms. Munshi started with a quote “Show up in every single moment like you're meant to be there.” She said live your moment but simultaneously grow with an idea of development, where you can add something new to your life. Then she divided the lecture into two section one is CV making and then how to showcase your skill i.e. Interview skill. In CV making she has explained the importance of cv. She said play a vital tool in a job search since it provides you with a page or two to highlight your best and most relevant abilities and helps both recruiter as well as for the person who went for an interview. Then she explained the components of cv and suggested measures to improve cv. Then she explained the relevance of interview and how to prepare for an interview so that a candidate can presents the content in positive manner to get selected. She also added Interviews are an important part of the recruitment process because it help HR professionals meet a variety of candidates and determine which one is right for their company's needs. Additionally, interviews can help you identify prospective employees who align with your company's goals and culture. Then there was open for question where Ms. Munshi has solved the queries of the students. The session was full of information where everything was explained properly.