JIMS Activities

Content Writing

The Department of Media and Communication Studies organized a guest lecture on content writing. The resource person was Mr. Siddarth Chaturvedi, Media Executive Election Commission of India, Govt. of India, lecture was held on 26thh September, 2022. The session was all divided into creative process of generating content through careful planning and research, quality of content and interest. Mr. Siddarth explains the relevance of content writing in present context where he discussed about the role of media. Content writing helps you in building a relationship with your audience and interest them in coming back for more. He further explain the importance of content in terms of market that how it help in promoting any and how effective it could be if the writing hits the psychology of the target audience. He explains the benefits of a great content writing strategy: Increased traffic, Higher trust, More brand awareness, Connecting with a broader audience, Increased engagement in all platforms, More conversions. Then there was open for question where Mr. Siddarth Chaturvedi has solved the queries of the students. The session was full of information where everything was explained properly.