JIMS Activities

Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity

Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) of JIMS, Vasant Kunj organized a workshop with Ms. Saumya Jain, Business Development Manager – International Marketing at New Bharat Impex (Taj Mahal Rice) & BA(JMC) Alumni, JIMS VK on 10th October 2022 on the topic “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity”. The workshop started with the introduction of the guest by the host after that Miss Jain addressed the participants about how she started her Brand as a hobby, in which she learned how to make designer soaps herself and packaged them into beautiful cardboard boxes. From there she got the idea to establish her own business. Next, she explained the meaning of “Entrepreneurship” which means converting an idea into a business by having a vision, later on, she shared her life experiences and how she started her business with only Rs. 500. Through which she explained no investment is big or small and all we need is a creative mind and the courage to start something of our own. She also shared some crucial tips for start-ups like– distinguishing between different types of sources, assessing the feasibility of the startup, and most importantly learning how to take help and support from family and friends as it plays a very crucial role. The speaker conducted an activity “Creative problem solving” in which the speaker asked the students to write what come to their mind. Toward the end of the workshop, she also did another interactive activity with the students where the students had to guess the tagline of famous brands. The workshop ended with her taking queries from the students and a vote of thanks was given by Dr. Meenakshi Narula, IIC Convener.