JIMS Activities

Industry Visit to National Science Museum

The students of BCA visited National Science Museum, New Delhi as a part of the Industrial Visit. The National Science Museum is a science museum that is engaged in popularistaion of science among the students. The Objective of the visit was to develop the scientific awareness and scientific temper among the students. At the reception amphitheater, the students were given a brief introduction to the world of science by the educators of the center. The center has six permanent halls full of interesting and hands-on participatory exhibits. Students learnt about the exhibition halls, especially, the galleries ‘Our Science and Technology Heritage’, ‘The March of Information Revolution’ and ‘Water-The Elixir of Life’. Besides these, there were small but attention grabbing exhibits like the magic tap which gushes forth water suspended in space without any inlet, a harp, where merely moving one’s hands creates music and a maze of mirrors which gives illusionary effect which evoked much interest in students.