JIMS Activities


Institution’s Innovation Council of JIMS Vasant Kunj organized a webinar for the students of BBA, BCA, and BA(JMC) programs. The session was taken by Mr. Gaurav Arora, Founder & Managing Director- Redknot Marketing Solutions and Kagaz Media Entertainment and a JIMS Vasant Kunj Alumni, on the topic “Entrepreneurship and Development Phases.” The session took off with Mr. Arora being introduced to the students and greeted by the faculty on behalf of the institution. The discussion initiated with a comparison between the times of rigid jobs and businesses to the present-day scenario of start-ups and flexibility. Heavy weightage was given to the necessities for an aspiring entrepreneur such as dreaming big and the value of scalability. The prime point of the discussion was the difference in exposure that is clearly visible in today’s date. Technological advancement, market and stocks, advertisement and even journalism were talked about. The speaker then took some time to tell students about his own journey starting from the time of his graduation from JIMS Vasant Kunj to entering the field of advertising and to eventually adopting entrepreneurship. A short animated video clip about entrepreneurship and development was shown to the students. Speaker concluded with the elements that form an entrepreneur of which some were 1. Idea 2. Dedication 3. Commitment 4. Belief 5. Risk-Taking The workshop ended with a quick but complete Q&A session where students asked questions regarding the topic to the speaker. All the questions were addressed with valuable information and new knowledge. The session turned out to be fruitful. The session was put to an end with hope for more such sessions that would prove to be beneficial for the young and developing minds of the students. Learning Outcome: 1. Participants learned about the present-day scenario in the context of stipends, income, entrepreneurship, and market & stocks. 2. They also got to know more about the transition from a time period to another which gave a boost to the technological and infrastructural advancements and eventually lead to a significant increase in opportunities and difference in exposure. 3. Students got to know of the important values and factors that are extremely efficient but necessary for adopting the field of entrepreneurship.