JIMS Activities

Employability Skills for the Future

1. To gain knowledge about Employability Skills. 2. To participate in an interactive session with Industry Experts. Guest (Ms Mugdha) focused on certain points - ∙ Employability skills during challenges faced in the current world. ∙ 5 D's which will help in reaching success which can be used as strategy on development of an organisation reaching its full potential. ∙ Final criteria - Find the Dream/goal and implement it. Guest (Mr. Kartik) shared his views about- ∙ the whole plot of the term " Employment" along with answering the queries raised by the fellow students. ∙ he provided his knowledge for turning the Skills adapted into practical use where he also focused on the concept of acquiring a role model / mentor in one's life. ∙ He also quoted that "English is a language, not a knowledge”. ∙ He aware student about handling stress & kept views on "Out of the box" idea. ∙ Mr. Kartik has given many real-life examples, which can be implied by students for improvement. Guest (Mr. PK Tripathi) shared his views- ∙ On life example that are useful in day-to-day life in corporate. ∙ He told student about how they can practice small things in their early education life which would help them in good corporate employee. ∙ Mr Tripathi told about daily small activities that can be performed by students to learn new things in innovative way.