BBA- The golden key to unblocking Multiple Career Avenues

Being a student, it is evident to have doubts about whether to pursue BBA or not? What opportunities does it hold? Is it the right option for me? Herein you’ll get answers to your questions.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most popular and enviable bachelor’s degree programs pursued by students after class 12. It is a three-year professional undergraduate degree in Business Management opening opportunities for you in abundant sectors like Sales, Marketing, Education, Finance, and Government to list a few.

It trains students in management and leadership skills to draw them up for managerial roles and entrepreneurship.

After pursuing the BBA from Top Ranking GGSIPU Colleges NCR,the question of what next may come to your mind. So here are certain areas you can traverse yourself through depending on your interest.

1.Pursue MBA

Most of the students go onto higher education to specialize in management after BBA. One can develop his/her skills in different sectors like Banking, Marketing, HR and Finance and go upto take up roles in Sales, Business, Development, HR, Finance, etc.

2.Data Scientist

Being a BBAgraduate and having knowledge about structured and unstructured data to develop better-informed decisions, develop plans and help clients get the best results, Data scientist is a considerable role for BBAgraduates.

3.Civil services (UPSC)

UPSC conducts civil service exams every year and it selects best performing candidates for civil services including IAS, IPS, IFRS, and others. It is one of the toughest exams in the world but holds great opportunities if pursued.

4.Digital Marketer

With the rapid expansion of online mediums, digital industries have grown significantly and hence it has become a growing area for BBA graduates.  This lucrative field is worth billions today and hold a great scope of growth.

5.Product Manager

The role of product managers is to handle everything related to planning and execution for the product by working together with salespeople, engineers, and marketers and help products succeed.

6.Blockchain expert

With the growing interest of people in crypto currency, blockchain has become the modern technology. Blockchains have become much more than digital currencies and many companies require experts to solve their problems as it is a relatively unexplored field. The demand for this field is exponentially high.

Considering there are many options in this field which are growing rapidly it is important to know if you should pursue it or not. Here are certain things which you should know about the course and where are best BBA colleges in Delhi, Best BBA Placement GGSIPU institutes in Delhi NCRand decide whether to pursue it or not.

BBA Subjects:

Subjects are more or less same across all colleges but may differ depending on the college you attend.  Some common ones include Essentials and Principles of Management, Business Economics, Management Accounting, Stats, Marketing Management, Business Mathematics, Security Analysis, Corporate Planning, Production and Material Management, International Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Operations Research, Industrial Relations, etc.

Skill-based learning:

While learning BBA you make yourself aware with industry-relevant skills like analytical, critical thinking, managerial, soft, leadership, communication and decision making.


Most Colleges provide Industrial visits thereby gaining practical learning.

Opens doors:

After BBA one can go onto pursue various fields of interest as mentioned above or pursue masters in management. One can also reach top managerial positions andgrow in their field.

Hence, it is clear that BBA surely holds ample opportunities and is an ever-growing field. It is the golden key to unblock multiple career avenues.

By: Pooja Madaan

Assistant Professor

Department of Management Studies

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