India has been battling with COVID 19 since 1.5 years. The virus has been taking a toll on all the aspects of one’s life. Whether it be social, or mental health or even emotional wellbeing. Lakhs of people are suffering professionally leaving them to survive with what comes their way. Lakhs of people have lost their loved ones during this pandemic. And a much higher number of people are still struggling in their homes and hospitals being detected positive with the virus. Yet since the first day, the doctors of the country are working without breaks and putting in every bit of sweat and hard work to take care of the population and fight against the situation. Whether it be the medical or dental students, or the resident doctors, the nurses, every single doctor is posted in COVID ward since the very first day till now. A number of doctors don’t get to meet their family because of the fear of putting their loved ones in risk. The doctors are on a constant risk of exposure to the deadly virus but still they aren’t backing down from their work. They are abiding by the oath they took. 

Yet there is a collection of people which gathers and brutally beat a doctor because he/she couldn’t save your loved one in this condition. People still think that it is the fault of the doctor that their loved one has lost their life. Here comes in the lack of education and awareness on the behalf of the people of our country who do not ever think that there’s little to nothing a doctor can do when the conditions of the patient aren’t stable. Still every doctor tries their best to keep a ray of hope and make sure minimum lives are lost. 

A doctor doesn’t only treat a patient, he’s also the one to face the families of the patients, to disclose the heart-wrenching conditions of their loved ones and see them pour their hearts out. He has to witness the unfolding of the events with his own eyes. Out of these large number of doctors in the country, almost fifty percent of them suffer from depression and anxiety. Still they need to put a facade and tend to the needs of their patients and forget about themselves or their personal lives altogether. 

A person has to undergo thirteen years of studies and hard work of hours to become a reputed doctor and to be able to treat people efficiently. Yet someone barges in to beat them and leave them to die and there’s nothing one does to stop all this from happening. The country needs to understand that these i.e. the doctors are the only people who can help us to come out of this pandemic. The country would be nothing without these frontline healthcare workers. There would be no vaccine if these same doctors who are beaten to death took a step back and denied to help the country and thought about their own dignity before the country’s condition. The people need to understand that the doctors put anything and everything of their own lives at stake to be able to save one of yours. 

Ms Ayushi Gupta


Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences

Dr Himani Gupta

Associate Professor

Department of Management Studies


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