Career prospectus in Journalism and Mass Communication

There are various graduation and post-graduation degree Courses in Journalism and mass communication like Bachelors of Journalism and mass communication, Bachelor’s in Media Studies, BA in Journalism, MA in Journalism, Master in Journalism and mass communication and more diplomas like Diploma in Media studies, Diploma in Filmmaking, Diploma in Journalism, Diploma in Photojournalism, Diploma in Fashion Journalism and lots of more.Jagannath International Management School is one of the best institutions for bjmc course in Delhi. And it is one of the top ranked GGSIPU institute of Journalism and Mass Communication

The basic syllabus of Journalism and mass communication includes Media Writing, Intro to Communication, Photography, Media laws & ethics, Public Relation, New Media, Advertisement, Development & Communication, Print Journalism, Electronic Media, Basics of Design & Graphics, Videography, Video Editing, Event Management, Mobile Journalism, Photoshop, Newspaper Designing, News Writing, Copywriting, Broadcast Journalism and more.

Now let’s discuss career opportunities in Journalism and mass communication-

  1. Content Writing– This is a Super-Trending skill in the market with good Returns of basic investment. Content Writers are always in-demand as freelancers or as Organisational employees. In the Covid pandemic, the majority of the organizations switched online for the survival of their businesses and content is important for Educational and promotional Practices. Freelancing in content writing can be a good move because almost 48% of businesses prefer hiring freelancers in 2018. Also, Freelancing is the fastest growing industry globally. So Content Writing can be a nice option.
  • Social Media Marketers– social media marketer is responsible for advertising, educating, and establishing a brand on the virtual network. Through various social media strategies, marketers can inform their audience about new policies, new offers or they can launch their product online. Social media marketers are highly in demand in the market also this career option is one of the fastest-growing career opportunities in recent times all over the world.
  1. Product Manager– With the rise of start-ups and investment companies are launching products immensely and JMC students are excellent with Communication so According to customer demands and requirements, companies hiring product managers in Big roles also the pay scale of this industry is quite nice for experienced professionals are earning 17-26 LPA while freshers can get 7-8LPA with the required education in marketing, economies, communication. The product market is the amazing job trend shift can be seen in the recent times.
  1. Public Relations Professionals- PR is an evergreen career option worldwide also one of the fastest-growing Industries after 2014. PR is the best way to reach audiences and to create brand awareness in the Market. Courses of JMC are considered as the best way to improve personality and communication, and these soft skills like business communication help in creating connections and helps in a PR job.
  • Photojournalist – Photojournalism has different fields like Fashion photojournalist, Magzine photojournalist, Newspaper Photographer, Corporate photographer. Being a photojournalist you have to be creative, constant, and Purposeful. It’s is an extremely fun-loving job with a good amount of hard work. Also, you have the power to raise your concern/issue with the help of a camera.
  • News Anchors/Reporters– In the JMC course, there is a separate subject of Reporting/Anchoring that helps in understanding the responsibilities and ethics of Journalists. As Press is considered as the fourth pillar of Democracy News Anchors, Reporters play a vital role in presenting unbiased information/News to the general public. It is a highly paid job with the Market FAM in Electronic Media.
  • News Writers/Editors– These writers/Editors are part of all forms of media whether it’s Print Media, Electronic Media, Digital Media, New Media, or Even corporates and entertainment. This is a kind of desk-Job with high responsibility for maintaining the dignity of Journalism.
  • Communication Manager– For being a good Communication manager, It is important to have strong Copywriting skills, Multi-tasking, managing, and Communication skill. The communication Manager analyses the Working performance, tracking tasks, and managing them. It helps in Crisis Management, Internal Communication, and improving Media relations.

Well, there are more career options like-

  • Radio Jockey
  • Digital Marketer
  • Event Manager
  • Film Direction
  • Copywriters
  • Advertising
  • Mobile Journalist
  • Research Analyst
  • Media Consultant
  • Screenwriter/ Script Writer
  • Sports Journalist
  • Fashion/ lifestyle Advisors and more.

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