There are various graduation and post-graduation degree Courses in Journalism and mass communication like Bachelors of Journalism and mass communication, Bachelor’s in Media Studies, BA in Journalism, MA in Journalism, Master in Journalism and mass communication and more diplomas like Diploma in Media studies, Diploma in Filmmaking, Diploma in Journalism, Diploma in Photojournalism, Diploma in […]

We are all connected in the twenty-first century through numerous forms of communication. Technology and mass media provide us with information ranging from weather forecasts, crime news, sports updates, and knowing about your favorite celebs. Our lives have become inextricably linked to the media. Every day, we are exposed to a wide range of media

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Each visual part in your edge needs to coordinate. Understanding is the way in to a convincing obliged perspective shot. So before you go out and take pictures, figure out how to execute every single scene you want to make. Look at a piece of your reference photos and scout for the best places to

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