We all sometimes think about “Why courses after 12th or graduation?”. But trust me; in this world which is filled up with utmost competition, any little thing that gives you an edge over competitors is so important in the current existing scenario. Graduation has become mandatory now and a standard to get a job. People […]

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is an undergraduate degree course in computer applications. With the rapid growth of IT industry in India, the demand of computer professionals is increasing day by day. This increasing growthhas created a lot of opportunities forcomputer graduates. Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is a popular course among students who want

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Mass communication in simple words is communication with the masses, however there are various implications that follow. The media is the fourth pillar of democracy and in times of crisis, it’s efficient and effective functioning is the most needed. It can create or destroy a wave and in its truest forms adheres to the saying,

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