Higher Education and Role of College

Any university or college is responsible for both skill and personality development, something that can be endeavoured elsewhere.A college helps to build the technical as well as artistic skills and also in developing one’s critical thinking. Secondly, the institution plays a significant role in making the students competent enough for the industry. A notable gap in supply and demand is substantial when pupils don’t have the proper knowledge for the industry they strand their trade-in, and consequently, they are unable to do justice to their potential.

According to recent statistics, it is prominent that individuals with a college degree are more likely to perform better. Finally, the college teaches the standard of work to the students. College permits the students to work in a challenging academic atmosphere. Besides, having a degree, it raises an individual status because it informs the defying person that this student knows how to deliver quality work under pressure.

Another advantage of a college education proportionate with a higher rate of knowledge is related to a higher rate of employment and better earnings. The economic gap between high school graduated and college graduates has widened considerably. Thus college is, inessential to say, courtesy of the value that college education hands over to the students and something that disregards the hiking tuition costs. Moreover, students in the modern-day aim to get into an excellent college to pave the way for their career. JIMS vasant kunj is one of the best BBA colleges in Delhi, provides not only the education but also molds the students in to professionals.

The colleges are seen as an essential source to achieve financial stability. The growing value of colleges in evocative of the fact that they render results for the students who wish for a financially stable life and yield an extremely strong reinstate on investment. JIMS is  renowned college which is one of Top GGSIPU BBA Institutes in Delhi NCR ensures the overall growth of students on academic as well as professional level with good placement record.

JIMS College believes in the creation and expanding a sundry network. One of the most important things is to recognize diversity in the surrounding. Thus JIMS engages students in activities that are fecund for career development. For example, an internship through the college campus which support an individual to foster professional business connections.

College also plays a vital role in the promotion of the interaction of students with experienced personnel in the name of professors. It also provides opportunities for students to build a good relationship with the professors and earn both recommendations and referrals. JIMS Colleges regularly organize cultural events, workshops, career development programmes and fests. These programmes empower students to make connections that are relevant to their field of interest. The institutions can help students to recognize their area of interest. The college campus can support an individual to foster professional business connections.

By: Ms. Nisha Wadhawan

Assistant  Professor – IT 

Department of Management Studies

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