JIMS Vasant Kunj – The Best College for Journalism in Mass Communication (BA JMC) of GGSIPU

Mass communication in simple words is communication with the masses, however there are various implications that follow. The media is the fourth pillar of democracy and in times of crisis, it’s efficient and effective functioning is the most needed. It can create or destroy a wave and in its truest forms adheres to the saying, “the pen is mightier than the sword”.

We are dealing with one of most gruesome pandemics of all times, and there are going to be inevitable repercussions. In the times of a crumbling economy and religious hate mongering, the press has become a powerful tool and mass communication is the absolute need of the hour. 

The three basic facts roles of mass communicators are, to inform, to educate and to persuade however this is not all. The world also battles with fake news, which has exacerbated in the present scenario, andit is the responsibility of the journalists/ communicators to make sure that what is being said is correct and causes no harm to anyone. A media person plays the most imperative role in the functioning of any organization, be it a political party or a law firm.

During this period, one may wonder as to what the future looks like. Anticipation and nervousness is inescapable, but if you want to see yourself in the media world, you’ve come to the right place. 

Jagannath International Management School is one of the best, GGSIPU Bachelor of Journalism and mass communication college, in Delhi, with the right amount of industry and academic exposure.

There are many journalism colleges that offer a degree, but zilch practical exposure however JIMS is one of the best IP institutes for professional courses in Delhi.

There are many other career options that are present for a Journalism and Mass communication graduate and they include-

  • Journalist- A journalist is a well read, well informed person who is responsible for making sure that no information that goes out, can create a false narrative. With the coming of new age, it has become easier to spike news and spread rumors, a journalist is the one calling the farce out. A journalist can belong to a print, digital or a tv platform. However, work ethics remain similar.
  • News Reporter- As the name suggests a news reporter is someone who observes the situation and without his vices reports what he sees. It is his duty to keep his personal bias aside while reporting and let the burden of judgement fall on the people. A report consists of the happenings and not what the reporter may make of it.
  • Photographer/ videographer- Photographers and Videographers, are one of the most integral parts of any media organization. No story is complete without adequate visuals and pictures, it has turned out to be a powerful tool of new media.
  • Content Writer – A content writer is a specialized person who provides relevant content for websites and news portals, with the advent of digital media the opportunities have also increased
  • PR professional- PR has been as present as journalism, a PR professional is responsible for bridging gaps between the top management of a brand and the people. They further are trusted with the responsibility of growing, managing and guiding the consumer/stakeholder perception of the brand within the target groups.
  • Advertising professional- Professionals involved in advertising develop and coordinate advertising strategies and campaigns after determining the market for news goods and services. They are supposed to develop strategies that increase the sale of the product/brand.

JIMS students have taken the media industry by storm as they are placed well in the industry, as they are trained to be efficient with the aid of constant assignments seminars and internships. The curriculum at JIMS keeps the students on their toes and always striving towards perfection. It has consistently been a top ranking GGSIPU college since its ingress. The infrastructure is also worth a mention as JIMS is one of the few colleges with Air-conditioned infrastructure institute in Delhi NCR.

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