New age careers for BCA Students

BCA or Bachelor Of Computer Applications is an undergraduate course and considered as the best alternative for engineering. Completing three years course, students can build career in IT sector and computer application field.

Having BCA degree is compulsory but it is not enough. So one should have expertise in a particular field regarding IT and computer applications.

​here are some popular courses after BCA :

Specialization in Artificial intelligence :-

This course aim to automate the things.

​The developer can get salary from 3-5 lakhs per Annum.

MCA or Master’s  in computer applications:-

​Doing this course after BCA will make you specialize in your field.

​you can become network engineer, database Administrator, software engineer, etc..

​Salary ranges around 7.37 lakhs per annum.

Data scientist :-

​It has application in finance, technology, MNCs,  etc..

​For this you must have the knowledge of programming, predictive analysis, data visualisation, machine learning, etc..

​Salary ranges around 7 lakhs per annum.

MBA or Master’s in Business Administration :-

​This is not related to IT or Tech sector.

​But the one having knowledge in this field will be advantageous.

​salary ranges around 7.2 lakhs per annum.

Cyber security expert :-

​As the name suggest this course is for the security of applications, data, etc..

​To become a cyber security expert you should have the knowledge in data security, application security, network security and Cryptography.

​There are many Colleges offering BCA course here is the list of top BCA college in delhi:-

​Vivekananda institute of professional studies

​NAAC grade A

​affiliated to GGSIPU,  New Delhi

​Ranked 36 overall

Jagannath institute of Management studies,  Rohini

​NAAC grade A

​affiliated to GGSIPU, New Delhi

​Ranked 11 for BCA

Jagannath international management school, Vasant Kunj

​NAAC grade A

​affiliated to GGSIPU, New Delhi

​Ranked 20 overall

Institute of Information technology and management

​NAAC grade A

​affiliated to GGSIPU, New Delhi

Chandraprabhujain college of higher studies and school of law

​Estd 2007

​affiliated to GGSIPU, New Delhi

​ranked 42 for overall

By: Dr. Sonal Kanungo

Assistant Professor

IT Department

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