New Talent Acquisition Trends 2023

With COVID 19 diminishing from different countries worldwide, the switch in job is yet being observed. This is mainly due to high level of resignation and layoff by employer of brands globally. This movement along with the increasing inflation is throwing challenge to recruiters to hire best resource. Thereby it is imperative for the talent acquisition team to work upon recruiting strategy in 2023.

Virtual Recruiting

The way remote working picked up the lead during pandemic and is still here to stay a big way with every sector, similarly remote interviewing has emerged as an essential feature of recruitment. Earlier virtual interviews were conducted by skype and were still not common or know among many, over a few months availability and acceptability of varied applications like zoom, teams, google meet has grown. This has given an advantage of collaborative hiring by involving other departments in interview and selection without altering their schedules. With technology interviewing is at ease but yet there are certain challenges which may experience, resulting in inappropriate decision by the recruiter. Accepting all these challenges remote or virtual recruiting continue to stay.

Social Media Recruiting

Recruitment though the formal social media platform LinkedIn is known for long. It is vital for the recruiter to use other social media platforms such as facebook, Instagram etc, since it will broaden the scope of hiring and also varied information about the best fit talent.

Contractual Employment

Market Fluctuations, uncertainties and disruption globally has led to demand for contract employees. Over a decade and upward movement is observed in hiring contractual employees. It is essential for the organization to keep strong mechanism of recruitment to hire them. This is going to stay long.

Recruitment Analytics

Analytics is the need of today in all the sectors and functions due to massive data generation, movement on daily basis. Analysis in talent acquisition will provide the basis for talent management. It is vital to analyze the recruitment data to identify the opportunities for the recruitment team. Thereby accessing and analyzing the recruitment information such as source of hire, cost per hire, offer to joining ratio and quality of hire. This will facilitate the manager to study the recruitment effectiveness and identify the training need of the team.  It will help to forecast the estimated requirement of human resource in the organization.

Skills and Competencies

Understanding the requirement of particular skill in an organization is vital for matching the skills and competencies. Succession planning need to be focused upon to. It is important that the organization and talent acquisition team have something in place to identify the best skill among the newly hired employee.

Lastly, creating a culture of support, appreciation and empathy. Giving a WOW factor to the potential job applicant who is appearing for an interview will give him a good experience about the company

Since the businesses are transforming with the  global changes t is of significance for the talent acquisition team adapt to the changes and move for improvement.

Dr. Seema Wadhawan

Associate Professor


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