Post Covid Trends in Advertising

The post COVID Advertising landscape has seen a paradigm shift. The way we consume and interact with products and services has changed monumentally. Advertising must follow suit. If advertisers do not align themselves with the altering consumer patterns, then they risk the chance of being obsolete. Therefore, a more agile and dynamic approach is required. COVID 19 is changing consumer behaviour and therefore advertising. Our goals as consumers are changing and it’s possible that this is a very long-term transformation. Hence it becomes important study emerging phenomena and product categories.

With pre school kids, stuck in the confines of their home, unable to attend classes and interact with their peer group, companies are recognising the gap in the market. ‘Flinto class’ is a unique online education system that approaches Pre School education with a Hybrid methodology. So, while learning materials are delivered to your doorstep, you aren’t left to fend for yourself. A dedicated Counsellor guides the parent, a development trackerkeepstabs on the child’s progress. In addition, flexible pre-recorded sessions held by early education experts help to supplement the learning at home.

Another offshoot of the Post Covid scenario is the onset on what is being termed as “Phygitail” or Physical retail. An amalgamation of the two using AR (Artificial Reality) allows a blurring of the two domains. The idea of course is to provide a physical in-store like environment, while within the confines of one’s home. So, experiences like trying on lipstick virtually or a piece of clothing, as if one was in the dressing room of the store are experiences that are being recreated for the customer to enable engagement and they are an attempt to recreate the pre-covid reality.

Our confinement has forced us to delve internally and value all things local…So much so, that Google searches for “near me” reached an all time high in the US last year. There is then renewed respect for all things local and ‘Mom and Pop’.

On close observation of advertising campaigns worldwide, there is another observation that begs mentioning; With altered lifestyles converging with complementing mindsets, there is an emphasis on empathy, doing what is right and philanthropy. This is not constrained to a corporate scenario but trickles down to the enlightened, yet confined (physically) individual.

These are some of the trends one sees in advertising in the Post Covid scenario. This of course is by no means an exhaustive or comprehensive list.

By Ms. Neha Singh

Assistant Professor


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