Scope of BBA in India

To begin with, BBA is a 3-year undergraduate course in management that has massive scope for not just management students but also for students from varied subject backgrounds.

It’s a professional degree that’s becoming increasingly popular among  students who desire to pursue a career in management after finishing their 12th grade  exams. It offers jobs in various sectors such as Marketing, Finance, Sales, and Government. BBA fresher’s can expect to earn between 20k (Indian Rupee) and 30k per month (Indian Rupee). Salary is determined by a number of criteria, including the company’s valuation, the market, abilities, and experience. It also allows you to enroll in a variety of postgraduate courses, such as an MBA. While a BBA can help you get started in your career, a Post-Graduation from a reputable institution will assist you get greater job opportunities.

BBA graduates are also offered jobs in a variety of capacities, including planner, supervisor, and administrator. Human Resource manager, Finance Manager, Business Consultant, and Marketing Manager are among the prestigious job titles available. There is a list of some top private companies that hire fresh BBA graduates at high salaries:  Genpact, IBM, TCS, Capgemini, Deloitte, Infosys, Accenture, E&Y and HDFC.

Likewise, there are international companies that hire graduates as well: Cisco Systems, American Express, FedEx Corporation, Mckinsey and company, etc. However, it gets very competitive during the hiring process abroad and hence, it is important to build a resume with skills that set you apart. 

A bachelor’s degree in business administration is about more than just  acquiring a degree for a job. There’s much more to it than that. While most degrees, particularly those at the bachelor’s level, focus on  theory; BBA degrees combine theory, practical knowledge application, and personality  development. One can pick up a variety of skills that help them become a successful person in their field.

Dr. Shruti Bhutani

Assistant Professor

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