With the ongoing pandemic, the world is going a bit crazy right now. Though the times are distressing, you can still work on yourself and hone your skills. Now is the time for getting prepared.  Not just through buying masks, but using this time wisely to make sure you are set up for success. If you’re stuck at home away from college  or school or work and  forced to work from home, the best thing you can do right now is trying to take back control of the things and this situation.

Here are few ways by which you can upskill yourself for future while still socially distancing:


Early risers have more productive mornings, get more done and eventually report less stress on average than “late-risers”. Sure, morning people and late-night lovers may be awake for the same amount of time in each 24-hour cycle, but the early risers have more “usable” hours.


You must plan your day to be productive. This will keep you on track with your workload. By taking a little time the night before, you can have a plan ready for the next day. Sticking to the plan is important as it can help you achieve your end goals quickly.


This time of pandemic has left us with great lessons for making better use of time and recognizing new leisure strategies. Following recipes, starting a blog, having new social networks, are also new strategies to keep yourself involved. You should not stop reinventing yourself and recognize that there may be new hobbies or activities.


During times like these, it is tough to hit the gym but still you cantake a walk or climb the stairs at home. Eating healthy will help you boost your immunity and productivity. You’ll be better able to accomplish tasks when you’re healthy.


COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges and fear. But you can’t just sit in fear for tomorrow. Fear is productive to a point. But once the fear gets you to accomplish the utilitarian thing, it’s time to regroup and move forward. So, do something productive now. Make a list and check things off. You cannot just sit, quarantine and chill for so long. With the right efforts, you can stay productive while taking care of yourself.

Lastly, stay safe! We are in this together.

By Dr.ShrutiBhuttani

Assistant Professor

Department Of Management Studies

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