CII YI YUVA-JIMS VK club wants to bridge the gap between leaders and opportunities with a sense of responsibility towards the nation. The club intends to enhance the strength of creativity and knowledge of our youth, motivate them to come forward with new ideas, and help them become leaders of tomorrow.

The club's vision is to create a platform where we can collaborate with young minds to enhance their knowledge and prepare them for the betterment of the future by conducting different types of activities and sessions for them and make them ready for the future.


  • Dr. Anu Bhardwaj (Club Head)
  • Ms. Pooja Madaan (Faculty Coordinator)
  • Vibhor Kataria (President)
  • Rishel Puri (Vice- President)

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June, 25

Guest Lecture on "Public Speaking"

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June, 21

Live (Instagram) session on "Importance of Yoga"

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June, 04

Extempore- The Speech Competition

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December, 17

Webinar on "Innovative Thinking in Entrepreneurship"

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November, 26

Orientation Program of CII YI YUVA