ECO Club

Eco Club plays a crucial role in enhancing knowledge, exposure and awareness about the environment needs by the students and for the students. The Eco club is a student driven initiative guided by the faculty members to create an impact about environmental issues going on and issues which are important but not focused on.

The vision of the club is to be a valuable source for the environment by aspiring students to build awareness about major issues and bringing minor issues to the forefront.


  • Dr. Anu Bhardwaj (Club Head)
  • Ms. Garima Saini (Faculty Coordinator)
  • Vineeta (President)
  • Yatika Jain (Vice- President)
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March, 31

Global Resource Challenges and Sustainability

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March, 28

Awareness on Animal Protection

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March, 23

Awareness on Noise Pollution

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November, 10

Online Awareness on Green Crackers

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September, 16

Poster Making Competition: World Ozone Day

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August, 30

Inter-College Debate Competition