E-Cell is a group of students that tend to promote entrepreneurship in the campus communities. The Students explore entrepreneurship as a career option and a way of life by providing excellent mentorship and a platform to showcase unique business ideas before Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, and Industry Leaders. The idea behind the E-cell is to be creative, learn about innovation, and build knowledge and skills. To translate creative ideas into opportunities, apply the knowledge and skills in the programs organised by E-Cell; thus, students are motivated to start their own companies after graduation or a few years gaining industry experience. E-Cell strives to bring a paradigm shift and create a new wave of entrepreneurs with a vision.

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November, 20

Chhath Puja

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November, 19

Women's Entrepreneurship Day

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November, 03

Online Entrepreneurship Workshop

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September, 10

Start-Up : From Idea To Execution

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September, 04

Career Talks : Sirona

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August, 12

Career Talks : A Guide To Career And Entrepreneurship