Literary Club

JIMS Literary Club is a platform for the students to come together to show their appreciation for various forms of literature as well as to allow the students to share their own perspectives and talents. The society has served to unite students sharing similar interests and gain new knowledge and perspectives through exploration of literature, whether it be ones who are new to the world of literature or otherwise. It was felt that in the modern times the concept of literature was perceived to be outdated by most, which is simply inaccurate, as art is timeless. The society aims to organise various events and activities to promote literature, in categories such as Poetry, Story writing Oration, Dramatics, Slam Poetry as well as some others; not limiting ourselves to traditional forms of literature. Informal and unofficial events will help rapport building and solidify a sense of camaraderie amongst the members and those seeking a community. The literary society aims at becoming an integral part of several students’ activities and interactions.

Orientation Ceremony 2022

Literature Workshop 2022

Break the Bias 2022

Stream of Thoughts 2022

Friday Nights with Scribbler's Nest 2021