Research & Consultancy


Radio JIMS 90.4Mh.z has been granted Radio Maths project for production of 180 episodes catalyzed and supported by National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC), Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India. Before going in for program production a baseline survey for content generation was done in which questionnaire was administered across 1000 households in radius of 5 Kms. This was followed with capacity building and content generation workshops with support from Media 4 Community Foundation. Radio JIMS is currently broadcasting half an hour programme titled “Radio Ganitmala” every day at 8.30AM and 2PM from Monday to Friday. These programmes can also be accessed on Radio JIMS app and I Radio Live.


The Department of Media & Communication Studies successfully completed a Research Project for ChildFund India as Technical Partner for Community Based Child Protection Mechanisms in Firozabad District of Uttar Pradesh. The study focused on children and parents engaged in bangle making industry in the district. The objectives of the study were:

  • To map the status of the existing community based child protection mechanisms (CBCPMs), both formal and informal.
  • To study the level of awareness and knowledge among the various stakeholders of children’s right to protection under the Government Child Protection Mechanisms.
  • To study and document the incidence, nature, causes, magnitude, and associated risks/consequences of the violation of children’s right to protection.
  • To identify the best practices and barriers in the prevention and response mechanisms (including those designed by children to issues of child protection).
  • To study the linkages of the CBCPMs with the Government Child Protection Mechanisms.
  • To enunciate clear recommendations for the improvement of the prevention and response mechanisms.

The study was carried out in eight wards of Firozabad District employing both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection.


The department of Management Studies successfully received a Research Project from NHRC on topic ,"Vulnerability, legal protection and work conditions of Domestic Workers”. The main objectives of the study are:

  • To map the status of the existing community based child protection mechanisms (CBCPMs), both formal and informal.
  • To study the working conditions of domestic workers and to classify the type of problems/insecurities faced by them.
  • To study their problems from the perspective of gender parity and child protection.
  • To study the factors responsible for their inability to seek protection available under the existing law, with special reference to selected slums of South Delhi.
  • To find out the lacunae in the existing system of implementation of justice in regard to the welfare and protection of the domestic helps.
  • To come out with actionable recommendations for the welfare of these workers at the policy and implementation levels.

The principal investigator: Dr. Himani Gupta

Co- Investigator:- Dr. Manisha Gupta


The Department of Management Studies successfully received a Research Project from ICSSR on title “Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) in the slums of NCT of Delhi”.

The proposed study focuses on an important area of sustainable socio economic development which has been recognized by the United Nation as the sixth sustainable development goals for achievement by different nations states. A key motivation for investigating WASH is its importance in improving livelihood of people and its role in achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) outcomes. As such the results of the study will through up actionable points for bringing about an impact in the achievement of SDG 6 of United Nation and there by ameliorate the lot of people living in the slums.

  • To map the status of the existing community based child protection mechanisms (CBCPMs), both formal and informal.
  • To map the awareness level, attitude and behavior patterns towards sustainable WASH practices in the slums of NCT of Delhi,
  • To find out the socio economic factors responsible for these behavior patterns, and
  • To recommend strategies for sustainable WASH practices.

The Principal Director of this project is Dr. Ravi K. Dhar and Co-Directors are Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Dr. Himani Gupta & Ms. Anu Bhardwaj.