Technology and its perils

26 Feb 2024

Excessive use and dependency on technology is injurious to health. Always and all the time we all are enclosed in and dependent on technology and it’s changing rapidly. Technology has not only  transformed our life completely but also made it easier. Whenever and whatever we want, technology helps us in just one click and provides everything at your door step like… shopping and hospitality services.
Earlier we used to go for shopping with parents and friends but now shopping happens online and because of this we are losing the connection with other people. When their used to be one landline phone at home everyone was connected but now everyone was has a phone but no one is connected.
We have 1000’s of friends on facebook’s friend list but no one comes to support,when you are sad and are actually looking for somebody’s support. We always share our cherished and happiest moments of life online but once we get a single dislike or do not get likes as much expected our happiness turned into depression just because we live in an artificial world and forget that we are human beings and need to invest some time with family and friends instead of using the technology to stay connected.
After some time either the technology starts to lead you or you will feel helpless without it. Internet revolution made our life lot easier and fast and people thought  this will saves our time but now we all are spending maximum time on internet and forget to see the outside world how is it. Technology can provide solution for your entire technical problem but cannot make you feel better when you actually need someone to understand you.
Technology can show you how the world is beautiful but humanity will show your inner beauty to the world.
Author: Ms. Divya Gupta Assistant Professor Department of Management Studies